30 Day Results Or Refund Guarantee

IT'S TRUE: those who get in shape, stay in shape, feel amazing and ooze confidence don't diet.

Sorry ladies, but it's true.

Now if you're like most women then you've tried many different diets and approaches to losing weight over the years from diet clubs to fasting, juicing, taking expensive supplements and doing extreme workouts. 

In your 20's and 30's you probably managed to drop a couple of dress sizes by forcing yourself through a not-so-fun cocktail of pain, restriction, energy dumps and mood-swings (we've all been there)

But once you hit your 40's your life and hormones have changed. These cookie-cutter plans and latest craze diets no longer work for you and they actually make it harder for women to lose weight.

Most of the health and fitness industry don't take this into account leaving many midlife women stuck in a cycle of trying harder, eating less and less only to see little or no progress for the effort that they are putting in.

So they quit, exhausted, frustrated feeling a failure... and the cycle starts again with another approach.

Here coins the term: yo-yo diet.

So what do those who DO get in shape, stay in shape, feel amazing and ooze confidence in their 40's and 50's have that yo-yo dieters do not...? 

It's simple:

1) a plan custom built for them - and only them that suits their goals, that works WITH their changing hormones, metabolism and life rather than AGAINST them. A plan that  they can follow no matter what life throws at them

2) nothing within their plans that they couldn't see themselves doing (or want to do) long term...

3) accountability - both from an elite level coach and a community of like minded women on the same journey - pushing and supporting them as they adopt new habits...

4) and FINALLY... feedback at every step.

'Cause here's the thing the latest celebrity diet in a £3.99 magazine - won't tell you:

The first plan purely sets the scene for ALL the REAL results that will follow...

It's the feedback you give your coach after week one and two, and the adjustments your coach will make bespoke and tailored to you that create the INCREDIBLE results - like those you've likely already seen from my clients...

Why Our Invincible Woman Accelerator Programme Is The Go-To For Women Over 40 For Real Results That Will Last A Lifetime

Get In Shape, Feel Amazing & Ooze Confidence in All Areas of Your Life with The Invincible Woman Accelerator Programme

Personalised coaching specifically for super-busy women over 40 with bespoke plans to help you create a body and life that YOU love (no contracts, cancel anytime...)

It's RESULTS or Your Money Back...

30 Day Results Or Refund Guarantee

Not only is there no contracts and a no-risk cancel anytime policy... we even guarantee results in the first 30 days. If you implement your full 30 day plan and don't make progress towards your goals, we'll give you every penny back. It's quite literally RESULTS or your money back.

Kerry Smith | Working Mum in remission from cancer

"I'd lost my mojo and was stuck in terms of my health and my, confidence to be able to do things. I wasn't happy and I wasn't fulfilled. But I didn't know why or what to do about it.  I just thought you're going to show me how to lose weight and tell me the very obvious things that probably everyone else has already.But it soon became apparent that wasn't quite what this was all about."

"Now I've got much more energy. I am able to balance the things that are important to me in my life. I'm using my time, far more to invest in my life, rather than my work life. I don't feel guilty for it. It has given me a greater calmness in my life and a greater ability to focus on what I want to do and what's important to me."

Anna Evans Smith | Working mum of 2

"Before I started  I was pretty unfit really, and I was feeling pretty sluggish. And I just felt like I had to do something, and now  I'm sleeping better, I feel more confident. I feel like I can run around with my kids and I'm just not getting out of breath I can  even move easier, which I didn't think I was having a problem with"

"Kerry Eddie is one of the only people who has been able to stop me bS myself as I am the master of that!!! Her practical strategies, no-nonsense approach and level headedness can guide you out of the rut ! I totally recommend this programme and Kerry!! if you are going round and round in circles like I was !"

Anne-Marie Day  | Working Mum of 2

Kerry Eddie is simply awesome. She is encouraging, inspirational but also tells you it straight when you need to hear it. Combined Fitness Strong & Lean FitCamp during lockdown has helped me to stay fit, healthy and mentally well-balanced.

Wins: 1. Enjoying the workouts 2. Losing weight and getting a better

and firmer body shape. 3. Feeling connected to a group of like-minded people. 4. Feeling continually challenged and supported to improve myself. Love the fit camp family

Join The Invincible Woman Accelerator Programme Now With Guaranteed RESULTS,No Contracts AND Cancel Anytime...

Take us for a spin and see for yourself. 

It's RESULTS or your money back...

Here's What Your Next 30 Days Looks Like Inside Our Invincible Woman Accelerator Programme...

  • You'll receive a custom game plan built solely for you. It will bring your whole life and hormones back in balance in a way that works for you without you feeling overwhelmed or restricted. This holistic approach allows you to lose weight and transform your energy, confidence and relationship with yourself in the least amount of time possible.
  • You'll receive a custom exercise plan based on your schedule, preferences, needs and goals. Workouts can be home or gym based, done in your own time or with us live.  
  • You'll receive access to my 3 step F.E.E.D Method to help unlock your personal fat loss formula for life. There will be no more following someone else's diet. We optimise what works for you. 
  • You'll have monthly personalised check-ins and plan adjustments. We'll send you a weekly questionnaire that will allow us to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your plan in order to accelerate your results.
  • You'll get access to our Invincible Woman Accelerator Group with other incredible ladies on the same journey as you. Nothing builds real change quite like becoming part of a supportive community who's 100% aligned with your goals.
  • ​You'll get full access to our "Invincible Woman"  Power Trainings. World class tools to programme your mind for success, master your energy and emotions and forge a life of purpose and happiness.
  • You'll  get access to a weekly live Zoom coaching call, Q&A's, live workouts, weekly challenges, daily accountability and much more to support you in every which way throughout your week to smash your goals.

I know. It's Crazy. And To Be Honest - The value of this programme is insane

NOTE: It's the most comprehensive coaching programme for women over 40 that you'll come across...

"But, That's Not All..."

BONUS #1: 1-2-1 Kick Off Call With Me (Your New Coach!) Personally! We'll get things off to an even better start by making sure everything's 100% optimised and crystal clear for you before getting started.

BONUS #2: FatLoss Formula & Clean Eating Cookbook bundle. Download 5 books filled with hundreds of breakfast, lunch, dinner, family friendly, curries, treats and snack recipes to help keep you on track.

Join The Invincible Woman Accelerator Programme Now With Guaranteed RESULTS, No Contracts, Cancel Anytime,  a 1-2-1  Kick-Off Call With Me PLUS  Loads of Tasty Healthy Recipes To Keep You On Track 

Oh and remember - it's RESULTS or your money back (if you needed anything else...)

It's RESULTS or your money back...

One last thought.

It's RESULTS or your money back...

Not only is there no contracts and a no-risk cancel anytime policy... we even guarantee results in the first 30 days. If you implement your full 30 day plan and don't make progress towards your goals, we'll give you every penny back. It's quite literally RESULTS or your money back.



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 Dropped 7.7kg (1st 3lb) in 4 weeks Then a further 6.6kg (1st 1lb) over the next few months

I would never have thought this programme would have been possible for me, but with the daily planning for meals that you gave me it made it fool proof and unwilling to fail, cheat or give up. The best thing about this is that you are getting the full package- an education in healthy eating(I am no longer scared to eat lots! getting fitter, while having fun and varied routines. And I feel my shape has better definition........all in 4 weeks

Lorna | Working mum of 2

Take Control. Let's Make it Happen. One Month, No Contracts & Guaranteed Results.. 

If you've ever yo-yo dieted.

If you've ever wanted to lose weight (and keep it off this time). 

If you've ever wanted more energy. 

If you've ever wanted to be able to prioritise yourself, your health and your happiness. 

If you've ever wished to feel truly confident both in and out of your clothes. 

If you've ever wanted a female coach who truly understands the challenges of midlife.

And if today you reached the end of this abnormally long page and still haven't decided to invest just £149 (+ Bonuses) in your body, mindset and confidence (with zero risk included in our RESULTS or your money back no-bull policy) I need to ask... 

What will you invest in instead, if not yourself? 

You see, our clients tell us that this is the best investment they have ever made in themselves. 

It's not just how they look - it's how they feel, the confidence, the energy and calm that they radiate. It's how proud their partner and family are of them for taking control and making it happen. 

You can see it in their results, their smiles and their words throughout this page. 

So if you're on the fence and you're once again not putting yourself first I ask you... 

What will be prioritised ahead of your goals today?